On this panel, you can change settings specific for the conferencing voice application.

Conferencing. Application specific

Maximum people in a conference

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By default, a maximum of eight people can join a conference. You can change this value.

Note that to define the maximum number of participants for a specific conference, the system uses the smaller of two values:

  • The value defined here within the Maximum people in a conference option, and
  • The value a user (conference host) sets on the account self-сare portal within the “Maximum Participants” option.

Record with review

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The Record with review option is only relevant if a user who creates the conference (host), enables the Announce joining or leaving participants option on their account self-care interface.

When the host enables the option Announce joining or leaving participants, then each user who joins the conference is asked to record their name, and this name is announced to other conference participants.

When the Record with review option is enabled (by default), each user who joins the conference will be able to not only record their name but also listen to their recorded name and re-record it if needed.

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