Use this panel to search for specific port-in (porting a phone number to PortaBilling from another service provider) and port-out (porting a phone number from PortaBilling to another service provider) requests. Refer to the Porting numbers from/to PortaBilling chapter for more details.

Specify one or more search criteria and click Apply filters. Click Default filters default filters to reset the search criteria.

Number porting requests search


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Search for the number porting requests by their status:

  • Any – all the number porting requests regardless of their status.
  • New – the requests that are created but not yet sent to the number porting company.
  • Processing – the requests that are sent to the number porting company and pending confirmation.
  • Resolution required – the requests that are not complete (additional information is required).
  • Confirmed – the requests that are confirmed by all involved entities.
  • Error – the requests that are processed with an external error.
  • Internal error – the requests that are processed with an internal error.
  • Cancelled – the requests that have been canceled by the owner of the requested number.
  • Ported – the successfully completed requests.

Account ID

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Filter port-in requests by the account ID of the user who requested number porting to PortaBilling.

Porting number

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Filter requests by the phone number that a user requests to port to/from PortaBilling.

Due date

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Filter requests by their due date (this is the date by which the request for number porting must be completed). The due date is set in the Due date field in the port-in request.

To specify a date, click Calendar calendar-1 to select the date and time or type it in the format YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss (2019-03-19 00:00:00). To clear the selected date, click Cancel cancel.

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