On this panel, you can add a one-time fee that applies when customers sign up for the commitment. Note that this panel is read-only if the commitment is already in use.

Note that if you configure only the one-time fee in the commitment, the customer will only pay this fee. To configure the recurring fees, go to the corresponding panel.

You can optionally specify the discount for the one-time fee (available for commitments with the fixed discount period). For example, the standard price for a TV set is $200. You can sell it for just $0.01 (one-time fee) with a $199.99 discount if the customers sign up for a two-year Basic IPTV commitment. In case the customers cancel their commitment before the discount end date, they pay the full price of the TV set as a penalty ($199.99) because the discount is also canceled.

One-time fees

To add a one-time fee for the service to the commitment, click Add.

To delete a one-time fee for the service from the commitment, click Delete delete.

Charge description

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Type the fee description to appear in the invoice.


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Select the service name from the dropdown list.


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Specify the one-time fee for the service.


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Specify the discount amount which is applied to the amount of one-time fee. You can only modify this field for the commitments with the fixed discount period.

Discounted fee

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This field is read-only and shows the remaining amount to pay after the discount is applied. For example, the one-time fee for IPTV service is $50. When you set a $47 discount on this service, only $3 is left to pay (discounted fee).

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