On this panel, you can enable the time announcement and configure additional options like using a separate tariff for time announcement and defining time rounding.

Time announcement panel for the One-stage calling application

Announce time

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The option is enabled by default and allows users to hear the maximum call duration for the destination phone number based on the available funds before connecting the call.

Use announcement tariff

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It is possible to use different tariffs for the announcement of the available call duration and for the call to the destination number.

The tariff used to announce time (first) should be associated with the access code with ".ANNOUNCE" suffix in the account’s product configuration (Product > Charges > Usage charges > Access code field). The actual tariff to charge the call (second) should be associated with an actual access code. Thus, the user hears the time announced according to the first tariff, while the call is actually authorized and rated according to the second tariff.

Seconds rounding mode

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This option defines how to round seconds when announcing the available time to the user:

  • None – there is no rounding, so the time is announced including seconds, e.g., "Five minutes and 49 seconds."
  • Up – the time is rounded up to the nearest minute, so 5 minutes and 49 seconds will be announced as "Six minutes."

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