On this panel, you can search for rates across all the tariffs that are assigned to a main product.

To open the Rate lookup panel, open a product and click Rate lookup at the top of the product panel.


Alternatively, you can hover over a specific product on the Product list panel and click the Rate Lookup .

Specify one or more of the search criteria and click Apply filters. If you want to stop the search, press “Esc” on the keyboard or click the Stop Stop Circle. Click Default filters default filters to reset the search criteria to their initial values. To refresh the search results, click Reload data.



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Specify a phone number (fully or partially) or just the destination prefix to find the corresponding rate.


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Filter rates by country:

  • Select Any to search for all available rates.
  • Select a specific country from the list to search for rates within this country. You can start typing the country name to find the needed one.


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Find a rate by the description. Type the description fully or partially.


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Filter rates by the tariff:

  • Select Any to search for rates across all the tariffs assigned to this product.
  • Select a specific tariff assigned to this product.

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