Fraud detection configuration

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Use the Fraud detection configuration panel to to define the following:

  • The country where end users are currently or usually reside in. This country is treated as "safe" when the system checks for fraudulent activities.
  • Whether end users can make calls from abroad. Fraud detection configuration

Location information

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Choose whether to provide information about the end users' default country and whether to allow them to make calls from abroad.

If you disable this option, fraud detection is based on the geo/risk profile settings.

Current location

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Choose the end users' default country, i.e., the country where they permanently reside. PortaBilling treats calls made from this country as safe and legitimate even if this country is on the high-risk list of the geo/risk profile. If stationary users make calls from other countries, PortaBilling screens those calls.

If you leave this option undefined, PortaBilling obtains the location value upon the account's first use. The following logic is used:

  • If a geo/risk profile is defined in an end user's product and the end user makes a call from a non-restricted country, the system uses this country as the end user's current default country.
  • If a geo/risk profile is not defined, the system treats all countries as suspicious. Since the current location can only be assigned when a country is considered safe, the system will not be able to assign it. Therefore, all outgoing calls made by the end user are screened.
To permit auto detection of the account's location, enable the Assign_Primary_Location option on the Configuration server.

Allowed mobility

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Choose whether end users can make calls from abroad.

  • Select Stationary user (permanent location) for residential users who make calls from a single country. These end users are not authorized to make calls from countries other than their default one, and outgoing calls made from other countries are screened.
  • Select Roaming user (changeable location) for users who frequently travel to different countries.

Additional info

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This option works if the user’s current location is set to France and contains the user’s location information which is conveyed by PortaSIP within the "P-Access-Network-Info" SIP header to comply with EU regulations.

Define the value for this option using the GSTNR1R2C1C1C3C4C5XX format, where:

  • GSTN is the network indication,
  • R1R2 is the individual carrier code,
  • C1C1C3C4C5 is the city code of the call origin, and
  • XX are auxiliary digits (00 by default).

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