On this panel you can specify the attributes that PortaBilling must send to Calix gateways.

Hover over an attribute name and then over the question mark RwC+AMaOsG8m6Hs1AAAAAElFTkSuQmCC that appears to see the attribute description. Internet service policy attributes for Calix

Bandwidth profile ID

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This attribute defines the GPON service configuration in the Calix Management System (CMS) for the user. The CMS uses this value to apply the Ethernet bandwidth profile with the upstream and downstream bandwidth rates on the user’s ONT (Optical Network Terminal.)

Select this checkbox to specify the bandwidth profile ID.

ONT port type

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This attribute defines the ONT port type for the Data (Internet access) service.

Select this checkbox and select the ONT port type from the list:

Gigabit Ethernet – select this port type to provision WAN ports. It’s also possible to provision all the ports with Internet service by using the Gigabit Ethernet rather than RG as the ONT port type. In this case, the bandwidth limit defined in the service policy applies to each Ethernet port independently.

RG – select this port type to limit bandwidth on the entire ONT, rather than on a specific Ethernet port. As a result, you set speed limits per household.

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