On this panel, you can customize prompts for the voice application.

Prompts customization

Brand prompts

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You can upload your own brand prompts to play for your customers instead of default ones.

For instructions on how to add brand prompts such as welcome message, refer to the How to configure brand prompts handbook. For example, if you put the customized English prompts in the folder: /porta_var/psmsc/custom-files/prompts/brands/my_company/en, specify “my_company” here. If the Media Server finds the prompts in this folder (the custom prompt names must match the names of the default prompts), it uses them. Otherwise, it will use the default prompts.

Confirm by pound

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This option is enabled by default and the voice application suggests users to confirm the multi-digit input by pressing the pound “#” key (a user hears “...and press pound”). If a user presses pound, the voice application processes the input right away and there’s no need to wait for the prompt timeout.

Default prompt timeout, sec

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The voice application waits for the time specified here to process the multi-digit input (except that users confirm the multi-digit input by pressing the pound).

For example, the default prompt timeout is 9 seconds. After a user enters some digits, e.g., credit card number, the application waits 9 seconds. If no more digits are entered during this time, the voice application processes the multi-digit input and performs the next action, e.g., plays the next prompt.

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