Here you configure the actions for PortaBilling must take when it translates incoming call numbers from the vendor-specific format to the E.164 format.

To simplify the configuration, dialing rules with basic settings include a set of options. An option activates automatically once you start typing its value.

In dialing rules with advanced settings you can create your own translation instructions using Perl regular expressions.

Translation rules panel 

International numbers

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If your vendor delivers international calls with a prefix, specify this prefix. It is removed during number translation. The maximum prefix length is 7 digits.

Domestic prefix

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Configure how to translate numbers delivered by your vendor for domestic calls.

If a vendor delivers calls with a domestic prefix and no country code, specify both in the Domestic prefix and Country code fields. PortaBilling replaces the prefix with the country code.

If a vendor delivers calls without a country code only, define the country code and select the action to add it to the numbers.

Translation rules panel

Translation rule

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Enter your translation instructions using the Perl regular expressions.

Check the results

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Use this section to check your rules. The fields include the prefixes and codes that you defined.

Enter the phone number in the same format as you received it from the vendor and verify how it is translated.

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