On this panel you can define the rules of interoperation between PortaSIP and the MNO’s IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem).

To see the attribute description, hover over an attribute name and then over the question mark RwC+AMaOsG8m6Hs1AAAAAElFTkSuQmCC that appears next to the corresponding toggle switch. To configure the attribute, select the corresponding checkbox and turn on/off the toggle switch.

IMS Application Server attributes

Append incoming headers

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When this attribute is enabled, it defines that a call is intended for the mobile network and that PortaSIP must route the call to the IMS core (make sure the account is not registered on an IP device).

The attribute defines that PortaSIP must preserve the ODI (Original Dialog Identifier) of the call when routing it to the IMS. The IMS uses the ODI to match messages to/from PortaSIP into a single SIP dialog.

Note that an account must not be registered on an IP device. Otherwise, the account registration will override the service policy settings and PortaSwitch will attempt to terminate the call via the VoIP network.

To enable the Append incoming headers attribute, select the checkbox and turn on the toggle switch.

The Append incoming headers attribute is applied within a service policy assigned to an account or a connection. This attribute is applied to the called party and is ignored for the calling party.

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