APPENDIX H. Glossary / list of abbreviations

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AAA – Authentication, Authorization and Accounting. A suite of network security services that provides the primary framework through which you can set up access control on your router or access server.

AD – Abbreviated Dialing

ADSL – Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

ANI – Automatic Number Identification

API – Application Programming Interface

ASP – Application Service Provider

ASR – Answer Seizure Ratio


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BH – Busy Hour

BHCA – Busy Hour Call Attempts

BHCC – Busy Hour Call Completion

bps – Bits per Second

Bps – Bytes per Second


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Call leg – A link or hop along the route from the calling party to the destination (called) party.

CDR – Call Detail Record

CLI – Command Line Interface

CLI, CLID – Calling Line Identification

CMS – Call Management Services

CPE – Customer Premise Equipment

CRM – Customer Relationship Management

CSP – Communications Service Provider


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DCE – Data Communications Equipment

DHCP – Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

DID – Direct Inward Dialing

DSL – Digital Subscriber Line

DTE – Data Terminal Equipment


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E911 – Enhanced 911


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FTTH – Fiber to the Home network


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GK – Gatekeeper. The entity that maintains a registry of devices in an h323 network.

GPON – Gigabit Passive Optical Network

GSM – Global System for Mobile Communications

GUI – Graphical User Interface

GUID – Globally Unique Identifier (also called h323-conf-id). The identifier for end-to-end calls. A new GUID is assigned to each new call. There may be numerous calls within a single session.


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HLR – Home Location Register

HTML – Hypertext Markup Language

HTTP – Hypertext Transfer Protocol


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IMS – IP Multimedia Subsystem

IP PBX – Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange

IPTV – Internet Protocol Television

ISP – Internet Service Provider

ITSP – Internet Telephony Service Provider

IVR – Interactive Voice Response


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LAN – Local Area Network

LCR – Least Cost Routing

LDAP – Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

LTE – Long Term Evolution is a standard for wireless communication of high-speed data for mobile phones and data terminals


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MAC – Media Access Control

MAC address – The physical address of a device on Ethernet.

MMS – Multimedia Messaging Service

MNO – Mobile Network Operator

MVNO – Mobile Virtual Network Operator


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NANP – North American Numbering Plan

NAS – Network Access Server

NGN – Next Generation Network


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OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer

OLT – Optical Line Terminal. The endpoint of the service provider for GPON service provisioning

ONT – Optical Network Terminal. The end user endpoint, installed on the customer premises

OS – Operating System


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PBX – Private Branch Exchange

PDF – Portable Document Format

PIN – Personal Identification Number

POTS – Plain Old Telephony Service. Basic telephone service supplying standard single-line telephones, telephone lines, and access to PSTN.

PPP – Point-to-Point Protocol

PRI – Primary Rate Interface

PSTN – Public Switched Telephone Network


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QoS – Quality of Service


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RADIUS – Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service

RAM – Random Access Memory


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SBC – Session Border Controller

SG – Signaling Gateway

SIM Card – Subscriber Identify Module Card

SIP – Session Initiation Protocol

SMPP – Short Message Peer-to-Peer

SMS – Short Messaging Service

SOAP – Simple Object Access Protocol

SQL – Structured Query Language

SS7 – Signal System 7


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Telco – A telephone company, such as LEC.

TFTP – Trivial File Transfer Protocol


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UA – User Agent

URI – Uniform Resource Identifier

URL – Uniform Resource Locator


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VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol


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WAN – Wide Area Network


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xDR – Extensible Detail Record

XML – Extensible Markup Language

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