PortaBilling is a unified place to configure and manage the services you provide to customers.

All services can be easily configured and assigned to your customers via the administrative web interface. It represents a convenient tree-structure view of available services and features (e.g., “Call Waiting” or “Maximum Allowed Bandwidth” “Emergency services” ), so you can manage them and quickly see which of them are enabled/disabled for a particular product, customer, etc.


PortaBilling serves as a single interface for the service configuration: when changes to the service configuration are made through web GUI, they are automatically active and used by PortaBilling. If there are external components without real-time link to PortaBilling (e.g., HLR), they are updated via the provisioning framework almost immediately. There is no need for manual provisioning using additional applications or interfaces. This allows instantaneous service activation and drastically reduces the administration overhead.

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