With this feature, a prompt is played that signifies a change of price for a call to a ported number if the new price is higher than the old one by a defined percentage.

Prompts configuration

To set up the configuration, access the Number Portability group on the Configuration server. By default, the PlayAnnouncement feature is off. To activate it, select "Yes" in the corresponding field.

In the AnnounceOverPriceDifference field, specify the percentage value to designate the percentage threshold upon which the prompt will be announced.

By default, the value for the AnnounceOverPriceDifference field is "0." This means the announcement is played each time the user calls a ported number, regardless of the price change.

Let’s consider the following example: the feature is activated and the value for AnnounceOverPriceDifference is 30 percent. An account is making a call to a ported number. During call authorization, PortaBilling detects that the called number has been ported and checks the difference in price for before and after porting. If the difference is within 30 percent, the prompt will not be played; if the difference is greater than the threshold a prompt with a warning will be announced.

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