To enable ISPs to provide Internet Access services to their users within the LTE network, PortaBilling is integrated with Huawei EPC.

PortaBilling provides a single place for customer information and balance and service configuration management by provisioning user data to the HSS and PCRF.

In network terms, PortaBilling operates as the OCS that performs real-time user authorization and rating. Communication with the SAE-GW is managed via the Diameter (Gy) interface. The same interface is used to disconnect an Internet session when a user is out of funds or exceeds their credit limit or when redirecting the user to a hotlining portal.

The Huawei UGW9811 supports the following features:

  • Traffic categorization into rating groups
  • Credit Control for Multiple Services per session
  • Hotlining
  • Server-Initiated Credit Re-Authorization (RAR)
  • Online Centralized Session charging with units reservation SCUR, DCCA
  • Real-time billing for period-switch

This integration extends the variety of existing LTE equipment for service providers who are interested in becoming active players in the wireless telecommunications industry.

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