Use domain names for PortaSIP to both brand your services and simplify their provisioning to end users. Instead of using the virtual IP address, provision the domain name(s) to your customers’ SIP devices and gateways. Then configure the DNS server to analyze and properly handle the domain names you use, according to your business model.

By using PortaSIP domain names and the appropriate DNS configuration, the following can be achieved:

  • Re-brand your services through reseller chains by using multiple domain names for a single cluster virtual IP address.
  • Allow users to browse their voice messages by defining the email domain name for your PortaSIP and resolving it to its virtual IP address. Note that the email domain name must be shared by all PortaSIPs in the multi-site PortaSIP installations.
  • Increase high-availability of services resolving the domain name to virtual IP addresses of all PortaSIPs in your geo-redundant installation.
  • Prioritize traffic flow among PortaSIPs of your geo-redundant installation based on subscriber location according to the DNS SRV records.

As a result, you provide your customers with an easy-to-remember name for your company and resellers and obtain a flexible tool for system management.

Add wildcard SIP domains

Each customer who connects their Microsoft Teams to PortaSwitch has to have their own domain. To add each new SIP domain, you need to apply the configuration with a service restart that leads to service downtime. In order not to add SIP domains manually for each new customer, you can add a single wildcard SIP domain that matches all new subdomains.

This is how it works:

For example, a service provider adds * domain name where "*" is a wildcard that matches all new subdomains. Thus, if they add * to the list of allowed domains, incoming calls from,, and will be allowed.

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  • Service providers save time on adding new domains for customers who have Microsoft Teams by adding a wildcard SIP domain.
  • End users don't experience service downtime due to adding new domains.

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