SureTax is another taxation system that allows you to accurately and easily calculate taxes for your US and Canada customers.

You can use this taxation method to tax services (e.g., voice calls, DID usage, etc.), subscriptions, bundle promotions and payments. SureTax (as a taxation method) can be defined within the customer class or for the individual customer.

When you select SureTax as a taxation plug-in, you can define such parameters as:

  • type of customer;
  • summary type;
  • type of tax exemption.


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SureTax uses mathematical rounding on tax amounts. For example, if you configure to round the charged amount to two decimal digits, then 1.204 rounds to 1.20, 1.205, and 1.206 all round to 1.21.

You can choose the number of decimals to round the tax amount in the Rounding precision option in the customer class or for the individual customer.

SureTax rounding precision

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