North American MVNOs use the NetNumber database for accurate SMS and MMS routing. This entails storing their DIDs in NetNumber and keeping them up-to-date.

PortaBilling has the ability to notify NetNumber about the creation and termination of accounts. Upon receiving a notification, NetNumber updates the corresponding DID number configuration in their database. PortaBilling also informs NetNumber if a number has been ported-in or ported-out from the system.

It is possible to configure whether to upload a particular account to the NetNumber database. If an end user is only subscribed to on-net services or simply does not need to receive SMS/MMS messages, by default, their account will not be uploaded to the routing database. For end users that require incoming SMS/MMS messages, a service provider purposely enables synchronization. It can be done for either the account’s product or for the account itself.

Messaging configuration

The synchronization with NetNumber must be enabled on the Configuration server. To use synchronization with the NetNumber database, configure options of the NumberPorting_NetNumber group on the Configuration server web interface.

The cooperation with NetNumber ensures easy and accurate routing for SMS and MMS in North America, thereby reducing messaging transmission costs for MVNOs.

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