Qualution is the OSS (Operation Support System) used by some North American MVNOs to manage service provisioning on the MVNE side (e.g., they may use it for SIM card management and the like). It operates as middleware between PortaBilling and the mobile network.

PortaBilling is integrated with Qualution via API and performs real-time management of users’ volume discount plan usage. As soon as an MVNO subscriber exceeds their allocated quota, PortaBilling sends a notification to Qualution via the API.

To perform real-time management of users’ volume discount plan usage, every account in PortaBilling must have an individual volume discount plan assigned to them via product.

If several volume discount plans apply to the same service and destination group, PortaBilling will send a notification to Qualution only after the last one is used up (e.g., if a user has a quota of 100 domestic SMS and another quota for 50 domestic SMS, the notification will be sent immediately after the user sends 150 SMS).

This integration widens the pool of potential business partners and enlarges the service provider’s opportunities for how to organize their network infrastructure.

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