PortaSwitch is integrated with Acrobits Webs – a solution that allows end users to communicate with each other directly from their web browsers, e.g., make voice and video calls, send messages, exchange files, and share screens. Acrobits Webs is available for use on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

In its integration with PortaSwitch, Acrobits Webs acts as a WebRTC gateway, enabling communication between WebRTC and SIP endpoints.

When a WebRTC endpoint initiates a call, it connects to a mediation component – a WEBIS server – that converts session control messages received from the WebRTC client into SIP messages (and vice versa). The WEBIS server then forwards these SIP messages to PortaSwitch which is responsible for their further processing.

Note that Acrobits Webs is not provided as a part of the PortaSwitch solution. For more details about integration with Acrobits Webs, please contact

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