When you apply a new configuration, the system performs the following tasks:

  • Check configuration
  • Apply configuration
  • Commit configuration
  • Configure monitor

Using this tab, you can view information about how configuration changes are applied to the system.

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Configuration search

Filters the tasks based on the configuration name.

Administrators can also make a search by internal parameters such as: i_configuration, i_conf, apply_id and i_server and their combinations. e.g., i_configuration:1,2,3;i_server:1,2,3;

Use commas to separate several values, use semicolons to separate several parameters

Task type search

Filters the tasks based on the type of the task (e.g., Commit configuration)

Task status search

Filters the tasks based on the success of the task:

  • failed – tasks that have not been completed due to errors

  • succeeded – tasks that have been completed successfully

  • running – tasks that are in progress

  • new – tasks that will start later

The log_button icon

The log for configuration changes. Click the icon to see the log.

State indicator

Indicates the state of the task:

  • grey indicates that the task has started.

  • blinking green indicates that the task is in progress.

  • green indicates that the task has been completed successfully.

  • red indicates that an error has appeared. Check logs to obtain additional information.


Shows the action to be performed to apply a new configuration.


Shows the name of the configuration that is applied.


Shows who applies the configuration.


Shows the server where the task is performed.

Last Update

Shows the time when the tasks have been performed.

At the bottom of the page, below the Task monitor, you can see the page related options. You can go to the next page or the previous one, jump to the first or last page, or use the refresh_button  Refresh button to update any of the pages.

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