PortaBilling is integrated with NetNumber Titan HSS. This is the centralized subscriber database for LTE service provisioning that stores:

  • subscriber information (phone number (MSISDN), SIM card IMSI), and
  • profile information (Regular upload/download limits for Internet access, APN (Access Point Name) ID, Roaming profile ID).

Wireless operators can now provision subscriber data in NetNumber Titan HSS. This enables them to provide their subscribers with the LTE service.

To make this happen, an administrator configures the following:

  • in NetNumber Titan HSS – defines the APN(s) and Roaming profile(s);
  • in PortaBilling – specifies the preconfigured APN ID(s) and Roaming profile ID(s) for the Internet access policy;

provide their subscribers with the LTE service

  • defines upload/download limits for Internet access;

access policy

  • enables the Mobile Network Provisioning service for the LTE product and adds the Internet access policy and assigns it to an account with an associated SIM card.

PortaBilling provisions the NetNumber Titan HSS via the External System Provisioning Framework (ESPF). When an administrator makes changes for an account in PortaBilling (e.g., blocks or changes a product/Internet access policy, etc.), PortaBilling immediately synchronizes the updated data to the NetNumber Titan HSS.

This feature extends the list of LTE equipment that wireless operators can use for organizing their network infrastructure.

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