PortaBilling is integrated with the Juniper MX960 Router. ISPs use this router as a broadband remote access server (BRAS). It operates as a broadband network gateway (BNG).

With the Juniper MX960 Router you can provide high-speed (e.g., 50/100 Mbps and higher) Internet services via Ethernet cable. An administrator must first configure the router and create service policies in PortaBilling. Then, when a user connects to the Internet, PortaBilling authorizes them and sends their service configuration (defined in the service policy) to the Juniper MX960 via the RADIUS protocol.

PortaBilling operates as an OCS (online charging system) for user authorization and charging. It is also used as an administrative interface for product management and bandwidth throttling (e.g., slowing and speeding). When an Internet quota is used up or expires, PortaBilling sends a change of authorization (CoA) request that instructs the router to change the configuration.

Upon request, the Juniper MX960 either reduces Internet speed and/or hotlines the user to the captive portal for replenishment. Upon payment, PortaBilling instructs the router to resume speed.

This integration extends the variety of equipment that PortaOne’s clients can use for broadband Internet service provisioning.

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