Perform the system setup by following the instructions in this checklist, using them to check off the operations you complete. Please be sure to perform all of the operations (all of the boxes should be checked); otherwise the system will not work as desired.

Operation Done
Add servers [ ]
Create configuration [ ]
* Add main instances [ ]
Add three Cassandra instances [ ]
Add MasterDB instance [ ]
Apply the configuration [ ]
Add StandByDB instance (optional) [ ]
Apply the configuration [ ]
Add ReplicaDB instance [ ]
Apply the configuration [ ]
Add BillingEngine instance [ ]
Add web cluster instance [ ]
** Add a SIP cluster and define its virtual IP address [ ]
*** Add two DispatchingNode instances [ ]
Add two ProcessingNode instances [ ]
Add VoiceMailDB instance [ ]
Add Elasticsearch instance [ ]
Add LogServer instance [ ]
Add additional instances (optional) [ ]
Add RTDB instance [ ]
Add RT instance [ ]
Add CallRecording instance [ ]
Create Auxiliaries such as SMSTrigger, STUN Server and/or XDRImport [ ]
Apply the configuration [ ]
Create new billing environments as needed [ ]

* Adding the main instances should be performed in the foregoing order.

** Virtual IP address can only be an address that is not assigned to any instance or server as the service IP.

*** DispatchingNode instances must each be added on their own physical servers.

We recommend that you follow all the above steps in the suggested order in order to avoid issues during configuration. Some components may have external prerequisites that must be satisfied in order to be configured properly. For instance, to correctly set up database replication, the MasterDB must be configured before the ReplicaDB.

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