PortaBilling is integrated with the Aricent HSS – LTE core network element that contains all subscriber data, such as:

  • the account identification (the phone number (MSISDN) and SIM card, identified by IMSI), and
  • profile information (e.g., static IP address, quality of service information).

This integration enables wireless operators to provide subscriber information defined within PortaBilling to Aricent HSS, where a SIM card is activated by Aricent HSS and the LTE service becomes available for the subscriber.

To make this happen, an administrator enables the Mobile Network Provisioning service for a product and assigns it to an account with an associated SIM card. PortaBilling then provisions the new subscriber information to Aricent HSS via the External System Provisioning Framework (ESPF). When an administrator makes changes for an account (e.g., blocking, changing a product), PortaBilling automatically synchronizes this data with Aricent HSS.

This feature extends the list of LTE equipment that wireless operators can use for organizing their network infrastructure. For those operators that want to switch from legacy billing systems to PortaBilling, the integration with Aricent HSS ensures the seamless migration of subscriber information.

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