PortaPhone Web, an alternative to IP phones, enables PBX users to make audio/video calls and record conversations using their mobile or desktop browsers. PortaPhone Web is supported by major browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari. By using PortaPhone Web, PBX end users can save on the purchase of IP phones. Thus, service providers need less time to launch their services and thereby become more competitive in the marketplace.

The PortaPhone Web is available via Add-on Mart, not just for PortaSwitch MR93, but for any other release starting with MR75. Sign up for Add-on Mart via this link.

This is how it works:

To allow PBX customers to use PortaPhone Web, a service provider subscribes to it via Add-on Mart.

Upon subscription, a PBX administrator creates accounts for corporate users and performs the cloud PBX configuration (e.g., creates extensions, configures call transfer, call forwarding, voicemail, auto attendant) in PortaBilling. Then the PBX end users can sign in to PortaPhone Web using their corporate phone number and a verification code they receive via email.

Let’s say the ABC company uses the cloud PBX service via PortaPhone Web. The administrator creates an account for a new employee, Liza Green, and specifies her email in the account information.

Liza Green opens the PortaPhone Web link in a browser. On the sign-up page, she enters her corporate phone number, e.g., 11115553322. PortaSwitch sends Liza a verification code via email to authenticate Liza as an employee of ABC company and prevent service abuse. Liza enters the verification code and logs in to ABC corporate PortaPhone Web. Now, she can see her colleagues as contacts and call them. Liza opens the contact list and makes a video call to her colleague, Amy Adams.


PortaPhone Web supports such popular features as:

  • Call recording – end users can record their conversations, play the recordings and download them.
    For Opus codec, call recording is supported starting with MR90.
  • Voice calls to external numbers – end users can make off-net voice calls to external phone numbers.
  • Favorite contacts – end users can add contacts to the list of favorites.PortaPhone%20Web%20favorite%20contacts
  • Recent calls – end users can look through the list of the last 10 calls and promptly call back.PortaPhone%20Web%20favorite%20contacts
  • Call history – end users can look through the list of all incoming and outgoing calls, filter them by date, play or download the call recordings and make a new voice/video call to a specific contact.PortaPhone%20Web%20call%20history

Also, the PBX end users can edit their contact information, for example, the mobile phone number.

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  • PBX end users are no longer tied to physical IP phones and can make and receive audio/video calls from any place using only their browser.
  • Service providers need less time to launch their services and thereby become more competitive in the marketplace.

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