On the Account info panel you can change the account’s service password, define a distributor for debit accounts and check the account’s registration information.

Account info panel

Service password

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This is the password used to authenticate all calls made using this account.

Customer site

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Select a specific customer site so that the site parameters (e.g., number of simultaneous calls) will apply to the account.

A customer site defines a group of accounts managed as a single entity. This allows you to apply certain configuration parameters or service restrictions to the accounts in that group. To add a customer site, go to Customer > Sites > Add a site.


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A distributor can only manage debit accounts. Therefore, this field is only available for debit accounts.

Here you can select a distributor associated with this account.

Debit account info panel


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Here you can select an existing batch and assign it to accounts. To release an account from a batch, select None from the list.

Information about the SIP device

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Here you can check whether the account is registered and browse SIP device information:

If SIP UAs were registered on the PortaSIP server during the data transfer by the Porter data transfer tool, they appear registered until their registration expires.
  • User agent – the identification information for the SIP UA used to register the account with the SIP server.
  • Contact – the URI of the user agent used by the SIP Proxy to contact the IP phone.
  • Registered – the time stamp for when a SIP UA was registered.
  • Expires – the time stamp for when a SIP UA registration expires.

Mobile SIM card

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Click SIM card  to provision a SIM card from the SIM card inventory to this account.

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