Fine tune the service wallet configuration here. For example, allow the transfer of unused traffic among users or set up a life time for top-ups.

For multi-service wallets, view the list of services and destination groups included into the wallet.

Service wallet advanced configuration panel

Initial wallet balance

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Grant some service units or money to customers for one time by defining them as the service wallet's initial balance. For example, grant your IPTV customers 1 GB of Internet usage free of charge as a promotional offer.

After the initial balance on the wallet is used up, the user must top up the wallet to use the service further.

Tax transaction code

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This is the internal tax transaction code. PortaBilling uses this code to extract taxation codes for EZTax, Avalara, GST or SureTax taxation plug-ins and send them for tax processing for services covered by this service wallet.

To create a tax transaction code, go to the Taxation panel.

The Tax transaction code option is available for service wallets defined for a single service.

Allow unused units transfer

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Turn on the toggle to enable end users to share airtime from service wallets in such forms as GB, minutes, SMS or money.

End users can transfer airtime:

  • From their self-care portal. This is possible if:

    • you allowed airtime transfer for both the sender and the recipient;

    • users' accounts are either debit or credit with individual credit limits;

    • service wallets must be identical: have the same threshold type, currency, service and destination group.

  • Via the API. You must develop the custom application to provide this feature.

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