Spending plan

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A spending plan defines an amount of money per day that a customer can spend on services. PortaBilling tracks the customer's daily charges increasing the spending plan counters by the cost of every call completed. Note that if a call is covered by a discount, the spending plan counters are increased by the full call cost, calculated as if there were no discount.

Customers who have reached their spending limit are suspended though they can still make calls to emergency numbers. Regular service usage is reinstated on the following day, when the spending plan is renewed. The renewal time is midnight (00:00:00) in the customer's billing time zone.

A spending plan only prevents new sessions (e.g., new phone calls) from being established once the spending limit is reached; it does not interrupt sessions in progress nor consider existing locked funds.

Here you can view the details of the customer's current spending plan, the amount already spent and the information for when a new plan applies if you changed it for the customer.

Customer's spending plan

If the customer uses up their daily spending limit and wants to continue using the services, you can manually increase their spending limit or reset the spent amount to zero.

To temporarily increase the customer's spending limit (the amount of money the customer may spend on services per day), specify the new value in the Threshold field. The new threshold applies at once and is effective until 00:00:00 of the next day. At midnight, the initial limit automatically becomes effective again. Click Undo 2oc1B5OCQAAAABJRU5ErkJggg== to restore the initial spending limit. 

To reset the customer’s spent amount to zero, click Reset usage. The spent amount will be calculated from scratch until the spending threshold is reached. 



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