On this panel you can define how an end user is allowed to access the Internet. Access policy

There are four types of Internet access:

  • Regular – the end-user can access the Internet with regular download/upload speed.
  • Turbo – the end-user can access the Internet  with higher download/upload speed during the  off-peak hours.
  • Limited – the end-user can access the Internet with limited  download/upload speed.
  • Blocked – the end-user has no access to the Internet, only to the captive portal.

Scheduling table

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You can define what type of Internet access  is provided during each time period.

To define when a specific Internet access type is used , select the Internet access type (e.g., Regular) and manually select the required days on the calendar manually.

To clear the table, click Clear.

Internet access type upload/download speed

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By default the upload/download rates for each Internet access type are set to Unlimited .

To define specific upload/download rates for each Internet access type, switch off the Unlimited toggle and specify these parameters:

  • Download rate – specify the download speed value here.
  • Upload rate – specify the upload speed value here .
  • Units –  select the type of units from the list (e.g., Mbps).

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