Allow calls that the account makes or receives to be recorded. Once a call begins, the user can start and/or stop recording a conversation by using various phone controls.

Turn on the Override toggle switch to override the call recording configuration you provide to the account via the product.

Turn on the Enabled toggle switch to enable call recording for the account.

Configure account's call recording

Define which calls to record automatically:

Auto record outgoing calls

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Automatically records this account’s outgoing calls. Note that calls made to a voice mailbox to retrieve messages will not be auto-recorded.

Auto record incoming calls

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Automatically records this account’s incoming calls.

Auto record redirected calls

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Automatically records this account’s redirected calls (transferred or forwarded).

Note that redirected calls are recorded only if the xDR is created for the redirecting party. Calls diverted to voicemail are not recorded.

Allow to start/stop recording manually

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Enables an account to start/stop call recording at any time during a call. To start/stop the recording, the end user dials DTMF codes. For example, to start the recording during a call, they dial *44 and to stop the recording – *45. You can change the default DTMF codes by creating a new dialing rule and assigning it to a customer/account.

Play the call recording announcement to all

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Enables the call recording announcement. When call recording starts, all parties hear the “Call recording started” announcement. This ensures that everyone on the call is aware that the call is being recorded. The recording always contains the announcement.

Send the call recording via email

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Enables end users to receive call recordings in the email notifications after the call is ended. Note that the New call recording is available notification should be enabled in the customer class assigned to a specific customer. To specify the email for an account to send the notifications to, go to Personal info > General info > specify the Email.

To send call recordings via email, make sure that the RecordsDelivery.Enabled option is set to Yes on the o the Configuration server web interface.

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