Beneficiary accounts

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Accounts with only a service configuration are called beneficiary accounts. Beneficiary accounts use the balance, products and quotas of regular accounts. When a beneficiary account uses a service, charges and quota consumption apply to the regular account – the "sponsor". Likewise, the xDRs are created for the sponsor although the beneficiary is the actual service user.

Beneficiary accounts can have an individual service configuration (e.g., an additional SIM card, an individual routing plan, service policy, etc.).

Here you can check the list of beneficiary accounts and create new ones.

Beneficiary accounts panel

To create a new beneficiary account, click Create and fill in the account ID and service password in the Create beneficiary account dialog window that opens.

Click the beneficiary account ID to open the account details.

Click xDR to check the xDRs for a particular beneficiary account.

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