On this panel, you can upload the template file and images for the invoice template designed externally.

External invoice body panel

Template file

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The template file is uploaded during the template creation. Click Drop a file or browse for it field or Browse browse to upload a new file with the template designed externally. Select a file of supported file formats for upload: tt, tmpl, html, or htm.

You can see the name and size of the uploaded file below. To view the uploaded file, you can download it. For this, click on the file name.


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The images used in the external template file such as logo, ads, and QR codes, should be separately uploaded here; otherwise, they will not be displayed in the .pdf invoice file.

To upload an image, click Drop a file or browse for it field or Browse browse. Select an image file of supported formats for upload: gif, png, jpg, jpeg, jpe, or bmp.

To view the uploaded image, click on its name to download it.

To delete an image, click Delete delete.

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