Select add-on products to add

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On this panel, you can assign add-on products to the account. Use add-on products to sell additional features/services to your customers and boost your sales revenue.

Add-on products come with both a feature and a subscription applied to them. Add-on products take higher priority than the main product; therefore, the service features defined within them override the ones defined within the main product. Also, add-on products have several priority levels: their configuration is applied in the order defined by this priority.

You can assign multiple add-on products to an account. To check add-on product details click the product name.

If there are incompatible add-on products, a warning sign warning icon is displayed next to each add-on product causing a conflict. This happens when the account has the same subscription assigned directly, via main/add-on product or commitment and this subscription can’t be applied more than once. Hover over the warning sign to see the incompatible product/commitment name in the tooltip.

Assign add-on products to the account

Additional information

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On the Additional information panel, view detailed information about an add-on product. These fields are read only:

  • Name – the name of the assigned add-on product.

  • Precedence level – this add-on product’s priority level.

  • Description – short description of the add-on product.

  • Volume discount plan – volume discount plan that comes with this add-on product.

  • Subscription – subscription assigned to this add-on product.

  • Periodic fee – this field shows the subscription fee amount.

The Activation date and Expiration date fields show this add-on product's lifecycle: when it becomes active and when it expires.

You cannot change the activation date once it is set.

Managing conflicting add-on products

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Some add-on product combinations may be conflicting. For instance, when add-on products of the same priority include volume discount plans with the same service, destination group, and volume measured (money spent or service used).

When you select a new add-on product that conflicts with the currently assigned one, a dialog window opens where you can select either of the following options:

  • Replace the currently assigned add-on product with the new one right away. PortaBilling applies the volume discount plan that’s included in the new add-on product.
  • Schedule a date when the new add-on product will be activated. PortaBilling will replace the currently active add-on product with the new one. Click Calendar 03+JmKnCXVP4hCVkE+CbrPAAAAAElFTkSuQmCC and set the date and time, or type it in the “yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss” format (2022-03-19 00:00:00).

Conflicting combination of add-on products

Note that volume discount plan counters will be preserved during the product change.

Refer to the Change of volume discount plans for customer/account chapter for more details.

Click Details of the conflicting add-on products to see the reasons for the add-on product conflict.

Add-on conflict description

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