Right to be forgotten

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Configure a customers' personal data removal here to comply with the "right to be forgotten" requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDRP).

Right to be forgotten Customer class editing panel

Completely remove personal data upon termination

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Turn on this toggle to remove a customer's personal data from PortaBilling upon request.

This data is removed from the database:

  • All information about a customer and their accounts which is considered personal (e.g., name, billing and contact information, MAC address of an IP phone, etc.);

  • Call recordings.

Remove personal data completely

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Schedule the data removal. The options are:

  • Immediately – once you terminate the customer, PortaBilling removes their personal data immediately.

  • After a storage period – use this option if you are enforced by law to keep a customer's personal data for some period of time upon termination (e.g., until you settle accounts). PortaBilling removes the customer's data once this storage period ends.

Storage period, months

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Specify how long to keep a customer's personal data after their termination.

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