On this panel you can change user details. To save the changes, click Save.

User editing panel


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Type a new user name in this field.


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You can specify a new email contact in this field.


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Here you can select a new default or custom role for the user from the list.

The following default roles are available:

  • Root user is a privileged user with access to all PortaBilling entities. A root user can control access permissions for other users.
  • Admin is like a Root user, but has the following limitations:
    • Cannot create new users.
    • Cannot modify company info.
    • Has read-only access to Destinations, Currencies, Nodes, and Call Handling.
  • Helpdesk user has read-only access to billing information (tariffs, products), can modify customer and account parameters. This role also provides access to Trace call.

Mask personal information in data accessed by this user

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You can restrict access to customers’ personal data (such as name, address, contact details, etc.) for a user who must neither view nor process it according to GDPR. This user sees that the personal data is masked on the web UI and in API responses.

General configuration

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On this panel you can specify the user activation/expiration dates and assign values for different types of individual user credit.

Address information

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On the Address information panel you can define user contact information (such as country, city, street address, postal code, phone number, etc.).

Web self-care

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On the Web self-care panel you can define a password and preferred settings (such as language, time zone, date and time format) for this user.


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On the Notifications panel assign a notification template and select which email/SMS notifications send to this user.

Audit log

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On the Audit log panel you can track and browse changes made to this user.

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