On this panel, you can configure the user authentication for this voice application.

Simplified account self-care - Authentication

Use account information provided by PortaSIP

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Enable this option only for voice applications dialed from IP phones that are connected to PortaSwitch (calls within your VoIP network).

If this option is enabled, the voice application securely identifies a user if their account was originally authenticated by PortaSIP instead of attempting to authenticate the user’s phone number (ANI).

This option is useful in cases when “regular” ANI authentication by voice application can either be very difficult or unsafe (as the calling account may be mismatched), for example:

  • An end user makes a call from their IP phone with a CLI (Calling Line Identification) that is either hidden or different from the authenticated account ID.
  • The account ID is an internal ANI number (e.g., 000999123) or even a non-E164 identifier like an email address that can’t be used as a normal CLI for outgoing calls.

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