This panel shows more information about the discounts assigned to a reseller and their usage graphs.

Reseller discount panel

Click on the discount record to expand it. The information here is read-only.

  • Service – this is the service type that the discount applies to.
  • Peak level – the N/A indicates that the discount is provided, regardless of whether the service is used during peak or off-peak periods. Otherwise, this column contains the off-peak period name.
  • Destination group – these are the destination group names to which the discounts apply.
  • Discount plan – this is the volume discount plan name that applies to this reseller.
  • Precedence – this is the priority level for the discount.
  • Expires – this shows the time left for a discount to be reapplied to the reseller. If undefined, it means that this discount is for one-time use and is not reapplied to the reseller.
  • The discount usage progress bar displays the discount thresholds plus information about the quantity of consumed and remaining discounts (in minutes or funds) for both peak and off-peak periods, separately, as applied to the reseller.

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