On this panel, you can configure announcements that users will hear. Also, you can go to the “Language” and “Prompts customization” panels.

Prompts & notifications

Credit accounts balance announcement

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You can configure the voice application to announce the current balance for credit accounts in one of the following modes:

  • Backward compatibility – the default mode (preserves the announcements the way they worked in older releases prior to MR35). See Balance announcements to find balance announcement examples.
  • Balance – always announce the current balance.
  • Funds/balance – for prepaid customers, announce available funds and for postpaid customers, announce the current balance.

Announce credit limit

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When this option is enabled, the balance announced to the user will be followed by the credit limit announcement. This allows you to separate cases where the credit limit is assigned only as a precaution (and so the end user should not really know about it) for cases where the credit limit is an integral part of the service (e.g., loyal customers are rewarded with an increased credit limit the longer they stay with the service provider).


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This leads you to the panel where you can configure the selection of voice prompt languages.

Prompts customization

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This leads you to the panel where you can customize prompts.

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