You can configure the voice application to notify the users that their call will be disconnected soon (due to insufficient funds). You can choose the type of warning (beep or voice) and specify when and with what frequency it should be played.

Disconnection warning for Pass-through IVR application

Disconnection warning interval, sec

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Specify the number of seconds of call remaining before a disconnection warning starts playing. The users will hear a “beeping” sound for the remaining time based on the available funds (this depends on the selected Type of disconnection warning).

Repeat every, sec

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The voice application can repeat the disconnection warning multiple times before the call is disconnected. Specify the number of seconds here, and the users will hear the warning every specified number of seconds until the call is disconnected or ended by the user.

These warnings allow the users to estimate whether there is enough time to finish their conversation or not and whether they need to top up their balance.

Type of disconnection warning

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Choose one of the following types to notify the users that their call will be disconnected:

  • Beep (default)– the voice application will play the “beeping” sound.
  • Voice – the voice application will announce the remaining time in seconds.

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