On this panel, you can view the details of the notification template and open a specific group of notifications that will be sent to customers.

Customer class notification template


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You can edit the template name.


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The type of the template – Customer class notifications or User notifications. You select the type when creating the template and can’t change it later.

Managed by

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This indicates whether the template is managed by the administrator or a specific reseller.

Notification groups

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Each section leads you to a group of notifications where you can open a specific notification and edit it if necessary:

  • Balance change – notifications related to the customers’ balance.
  • Billing notifications – notifications about credit card expiration, customer payment status, invoice status changes, etc.
  • Customer management – notifications about changes in customers’ statuses, spending limit reached, and accounts generation errors.
  • Fraud prevention – notifications about suspicious activity.
  • Service catalog management – notifications about products/tariffs/rates changes.
  • Reports – notifications about new call recordings, custom report results, and call statistics.
  • Platform management – notifications about payment and taxation errors.
  • Password recovery – notifications about password creation or reset.
  • Inventories management – notifications about customer premises equipment (CPE) or SIM cards upload errors.

Audit log

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Allows you to track and browse changes made to the notification template.

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