Configure the quota thresholds here. A quota has a single threshold which can be numeric or unlimited.

A threshold defines the counter value (in service units or as a charged amount) within which the specified discount is applied. The first counter starts from 0 up to the threshold value, the next goes from the previous threshold value up to the next one and so on. The value entered must be numeric (with a period allowed) and greater than zero.

Unlimited threshold means there is no upper value and the specified discount applies regardless of the service used. However, you can restrict the service usage for unlimited quotas defined for Internet access service. For example, limit the Internet speed for unlimited quotas. This is set up on the Advanced configuration panel.

Quota thresholds configuration

Define a threshold

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The default threshold value is Unlimited. To redefine it, select the blank field option above and specify the threshold value. The value must be numeric (with a period allowed) and greater than zero.

Off-peak thresholds

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By default, volume discount plans are applied irrespective of peak and off-peak periods, i.e., a minute is always counted as a minute. You can create separate thresholds for peak and off-peak times (and even for first and second off-peak periods). In this case, only counters for the relevant portion of the volume discount plan will be modified, based on the time when the service is used.

To define off-peak thresholds, select the Use separate thresholds for the first/second off-peak period checkbox and enter the corresponding thresholds.

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