Input parameters (customer statement advanced)

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Here you can configure the exact parameters for the Customer statement advanced report.

Input parameters panel

Service as tax

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Select which service this report is used for.


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Select which customer to print out a list of invoices/payments for.

Reporting period

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In the Reporting period section you can choose a particular period to analyze the data for.

  • Select the Set exact dates option to specify a Start date and an End date for the report calculation period. These values will always stay the same for any report execution. For example, you can set "2018-10-10 05:08:46" as the Start date and "Now" as the End date. This means the report will cover the period from "2018-10-10 05:08:46" to the moment the report is executed.

  • Select the Use offsets from the run date option to specify a moment in time when an offset from the scheduled report is executed. For example, you can set a Start date for 5 hours before and an End date for 2 days after the report is executed.

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