Here you can change the thresholds for the call quality metrics.

Call quality metrics panel

There are four metrics that determine the call quality:

  • Latency – the delay in voice packet delivery from source to destination.

  • Jitter – the variability in time it takes for voice packets to reach their destination.

  • Packet loss – the number of voice packets not received by the destination.

  • MOS (Mean Opinion Score) – the average rating of voice quality on a scale from 1 to 5, where 5 indicates the highest quality.

You define the thresholds for both poor and fair call quality. The threshold for good call quality is calculated automatically based on your input. The resulting configuration is shown on the scale under each metric.

To exclude a metric from analyzing call quality status, disable its toggle. This clears the metric's thresholds. If you wish to include it again, you must redefine the thresholds from scratch.


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