Service wallets assigned to the account

The Service wallets panel shows extended information about the service wallets assigned to the account:

  • Service – the service wallet service type.
  • Destination group – the destination group names included in service wallets that apply to this account.
  • Discount plan – the volume discount plan name applied to this account.
  • Available, USD/minute – shows the service wallet’s remaining amount.
  • Precedence – this is the priority level for the service wallet that specifies the order in which certain service wallets are applied when defined for the same destination group. A service wallet that has a higher priority takes precedence over a service wallet that has a lower priority. Priority is determined as follows (from the highest to the lowest):
    • Service wallet assigned directly to an account.
    • Service wallet assigned to an add-on product.
    • Service wallet assigned to the main product.
    • Service wallet assigned to a customer.
  • Expires, days – this shows the service wallet’s expiration date.

All the fields are read-only.

Click Top-up to purchase an amount of service.

You can only top up service wallets assigned to this account directly or via the product.

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