On this panel, you can manage the numbers that end users will dial to access this voice application.

A number can be a prefix, e.g., to access voicemail, users will dial *98 from their IP phones, or a phone number, e.g., to use a prepaid card, users will call 12065558975 from a PSTN network.

Entry point


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You can specify one or more unique numbers for end users to dial to access this voice application.

To add another number to the list, click Add q1ZAizZfr7AAAAABJRU5ErkJggg==. To remove a number, click Remove .

You can type in a number either manually, or click DID ebl9vQ9dw976apLw11vPoCutVCXwDTaBhA01VL+EAAAAASUVORK5CYII= to choose a DID number from the DID inventory. Note that you can only choose a DID number that is not assigned to any customer and has the Not in use status.

Alternatively, if you provide service with multiple numbers (e.g., prepaid card calling with toll-free number and local numbers in every state), you can add the list of numbers with the Quick numbers upload functionality.


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A short description for a specific number.

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