On this panel, you can configure the list of CPE profiles that will be automatically assigned to the customers’ own IP phones when a customer adds their phones via the CloudPBX Self-Care Portal. The CPE profiles must be created beforehand.

See the “Bring your own device” (BYOD) support for cloud PBX customers chapter for more details.

CPE profiles for upload

Device model

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Select an IP phone model anticipated for BYOD in the dropdown list.

CPE profile

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Select a CPE profile that will be assigned to IP phones of the specified model for auto-provisioning.

You can select only one CPE profile per IP phone model.

How to add/remove a CPE profile

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To add a CPE profile for one more IP phone model, click Add q1ZAizZfr7AAAAABJRU5ErkJggg==.

To remove a CPE profile, click Remove .

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