To prevent unauthorized calls, you can configure additional authorization for PBX users making outgoing toll calls, such as international calls. For instance, sales managers in the London office may only call New York after dialing a special authorization code.

Service authorization code is defined to ensure an additional verification of toll calls and is assigned per account (Account > Services > Voice calls > Fraud detection > IVR Authentication > Service unblock code).

This is particularly useful when a single phone is shared among multiple users, as it enables individual accountability for each call. For example, in a company with a shared phone in the office hall, every office worker is given their own authentication code for making toll calls (e.g., 7614, 1027, 5423, etc.).

To set up an additional verification for toll calls, you need to set a credit limit for the PBX customer and configure the Pass-through IVR – refer to the Additional authorization for toll calls handbook for details.

Extension-to-extension calls, toll-free calls as well as calls to other IVR applications (e.g., voicemail) bypass this additional authorization.


PBX administrators can control and monitor service usage, prevent unauthorized access, and manage costs.


Say ABC company has a warehouse with several phones installed in different areas. Each employee can make domestic calls for free, but for making international calls, the company requires their employees to enter a special authorization code.

Rachel, an employee at the ABC company, is assigned a code 4573 to make international calls. She needs to confirm a new order and make a call to Egypt. Rachel dials the number and hears a prompt to enter her code. She enters 4573 and the call is connected. When the call ends, PortaBilling calculates the charges, creates an xDR, and Rachel’s account is charged for the toll call.

However, if Rachel calls her colleague John or her home, she isn’t prompted to enter any codes.

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