When service limitation/suspension takes place during a bank holiday or a weekend, some customers may request services to be turned back on and promise to pay after the holiday, e.g., due to the banking system delays or simply, the customers are on vacation. To avoid the manual postponing of service limitation/suspension for each customer, you can configure an automatic rescheduling of the service limitation/suspension date to weekdays instead of weekends and public holidays globally for all customers in the system.

The automatic rescheduling to weekdays only works for service limitation/suspension.

Mary Smith hasn’t paid her invoices, so on Sunday her services will be suspended. Since it is set as a non-working day, the suspension is automatically rescheduled to Monday so that on Sunday, Mary can use the services. However, on Monday, her services will be suspended, but she can pay for her invoices.

  1. On the Configuration web server interface:
    • Go to the ClusterSuite > Web cluster.
    • Select Global environment > CustomerBillStatuses group.
    • Enable the LimitsEnabled option.
    • Set “0” for the NonWorkingDaysLimit option. This means that services for all customers will only be limited/suspended on weekdays. Automatic rescheduling service limitationsuspension for working days
  2. On the PortaBilling web interface:
    • Open the My company > Company info panel.
    • Select the Non-working days panel.
    • Select the Set weekends option and mark Saturday and Sunday in the dialog.
    • Select public holidays on the calendar manually or upload a file of non-working days in .csv format. Automatic rescheduling service limitationsuspension for working days on Web UI

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