The set of dispatchers in Dual Version PortaSwitch distribute calls, registrations, API, number porting, CPE, RADIUS, and Diameter requests thus ensuring customers in either system keep using the services as if nothing has happened.

However, some services have limitations in scope of Dual Version PortaSwitch and require additional actions from the administrator. These services are:

  • Mail services. If a user works with their mailbox via an external mail client, this client will not work properly after the user is migrated to the target system as it will keep sending the IMAP/SMTP requests to the source system’s address. The Mail proxy component operates only with local requests and does not support IMAP/SMTP request distribution across systems. Thus, it is required to reconfigure the mail clients to send IMAP/SMTP requests to the URL of the target system.
  • SMSdelivery via SMPP.Like mail proxy, the SMPP proxy operates locally, i.e. it processes SMPP requests in the system it is configured in. The SMPP proxy does not support the SMPP request dispatching across systems in Dual Version PortaSwitch. Therefore, agree with your SMS providers to establish TCP connections with both source and target systems to handle SMPP traffic from them.
  • Access to webmail. Migrated customers can access their web mailboxes from their account self-care portal by clicking the Voicemail Inbox button. The direct access (i.e., by entering the web server’s URL in the browser) is not available until customers are provided with the IP address / domain name of the target system.
  • Callback services. Web and email callback services require reconfiguration to become available for migrated customers. Namely, provide customers with the email address and web page address to initiate email/web callback in the target system.
  • IVR applications. IVR applications with access numbers defined as DIDs are available only if all customers using them reside in the same system. Thus, to preserve the service flow you must migrate all of them and the access number at once.

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