With PortaOne’s solutions, you can deliver the cloud call center service to your customers, equipping them with the necessary tools for efficient call center operations.

What do I need to build a call center solution?

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As a platform for service management and delivery, PortaSwitch incorporates the essential call center functionality such as call queue, call supervision, call recording, post-call “wrap-up” timer, agent logging in/out, and more. Based on PortaSwitch, you can build a cloud call center solution for small to medium-sized business customers.

Your customers can manage their call center through the Cloud PBX Self-Care Portal: add new agents, configure Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) to ensure that calls are queued and properly distributed between departments and agents, activate additional features like call recording, etc. The portal also includes wallboards where call center managers can monitor active calls, get insights into performance metrics, and more.

Additionally, you can provide your customers with the PortaPhone dialer, offering an alternative to desk phones or any other third-party apps. It enables call center agents to handle calls via their web browser page (with no installation steps required) or via the dedicated mobile app. PortaPhone supports seamless auto-provisioning and automated updates, ensuring a quick and hassle-free call center launch.

If your call center customers require an integration with their CRM system, you can address this need by offering your customers the Go Integrator Pria desktop application (for Windows). This application supports over 200 popular CRMs, providing seamless integration of the customers’ phone system with the CRM of their choice. It enables call center agents to call any CRM contact with one click via an embedded softphone, a deskphone, or Microsoft Teams.

So, your cloud call center solution may consist of the following components:

Available call center features

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PortaSwitch provides a range of essential call center features:

  • Auto-attendant – answers incoming calls automatically and provides callers with a menu of options to direct their call to the appropriate department or extension. For example, when a caller dials the company number, they might hear a recorded voice like “Press 1 for sales, press 2 for technical support.”
  • Call queue – allows holding incoming calls in a queue until an agent becomes available to handle them. Call queues help to manage high call volumes and ensure that no calls are missed or ignored.
    • Pause receiving calls – agents can pause receiving calls from a call queue, e.g., during breaks, by simply logging out of a corresponding hunt group (referred to as “ring group” on the portal).
  • Voicemail – enables the callers to leave a voicemail message instead of waiting in the queue until an agent becomes available.
  • Call supervision – enables call center supervisors to discreetly monitor agents’ performance. They can listen to active calls, guide agents without being heard by clients, or barge in on a call if necessary.
  • Call recording – allows recording calls for service quality assurance, training, and compliance purposes.
  • Call screening – allows creating rules for handling incoming calls differently within business hours and non-working hours.

Your call center customers, as well as your administrators acting on behalf of the customers, can access and modify the call center features supported by PortaSwitch through the self-service portal.

This portal is referred to as Cloud PBX Self-Care Portal in Add-on Mart. To start using this portal as a part of your cloud call center solution:

  1. Activate a free trial/paid subscription for the corresponding module in the Add-on Mart
  2. Deploy your branded CloudPBX Self-Care Portal
Check out a detailed video tutorial “Effortless Call Center Set-up in Under 9 Minutes” that shows the configuration steps in PortaSwitch and within the portal.

Additionally, you can refer to the dedicated portal documentation.

Within this portal, administrators can effortlessly add new agents (phone lines) and auto-attendants, configure ring groups, and call queues. You can offer additional features such as call recording as add-on products, which allows customers to tailor their call center to suit their specific needs and creates extra revenue for you as a service provider.

In addition to the features offered by PortaSwitch, the portal provides your customers with essential call center management and monitoring tools:

  • Call console – enables call center supervisors to monitor and manage calls in real time. For example, if a supervisor notices that a call has been waiting in the “Sales” queue for 15 minutes, they may choose to handle it themselves instead of waiting for an available agent. Additionally, supervisors have the option to join an active call, providing essential support to a new agent and ensuring that the customer’s needs are met properly.
  • Customizable wallboard – allows adding a range of widgets to display agent availability (e.g., “idle” or “on call”) and performance metrics such as call volumes, to estimate demand and identify potential bottlenecks. The wallboard also allows the embedding of content from other websites or web applications, such as call scripts, the number, or unresolved issues from the ticketing system.

On the left-side of the portal menu, you can add customized links to external apps, e.g., to the web dialer from which the agents can handle calls.

PortaPhone dialer

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PortaPhone is a dialer that consists of two applications – the PortaPhone web and the PortaPhone mobile app. PortaPhone supports audio/video calls, push notifications, call features such as call hold and transfer, auto-provisioning and automated updates, and two-factor authentication for secure access.

To offer your branded PortaPhone dialer to your customers as a part of your cloud call center solution:

  1. Activate a free trial/paid subscription for the corresponding module in the Add-on Mart
  2. Deploy your branded PortaPhone

Integration with CRM via Go Integrator Pria

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Go Integrator Pria desktop application allows call center agents to seamlessly interact with the company’s CRM while handling calls. Here are the main application features:

  • Caller preview – enables agents to immediately see the caller’s name, company name, and notes from the CRM
  • Contact popping – enables agents to open the caller’s contact page in the CRM application in one click
  • Click-to-dial – enables call center agents to call a CRM contact with one click
  • Activity logging – reflects the history of calls with a client in the CRM

Learn more in the Mondago & PortaOne webinar about the CRM integration capabilities.

To offer the Go Integrator Pria desktop application to your customers, activate a free trial/paid subscription for the corresponding module in the Add-on Mart.

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